Sunday, March 18, 2012

drunk on love

but dear love
you take me away from sleep
I do nothing but weep between sheets
thinking of you, me, and us
of days we share
perfectly broken

me and you
are torn like
these sheets between me
I am far from sleep
you are what's hurting me
I only wish we could go back

love, please let go
or will you let me?
the biggest mistake we have ever made
this broken thread that kept us together

that used to be so strong


I am left
with strands of these cuts
sewn unto me
there you have left me

I am a soldier of love
but who is there to fight for

if you have walked away?

why am I the only one who has to mourn over this relationship?

I need you so much, don't you see? I only wish we had one more chance, to fight for, to cry for, to forgive.

you are what's left of me in my tears.

if for once
I had wished for anything but hope
it is now.

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