Saturday, March 10, 2012

cluttered desk, cluttered mind

I've been having awful mood swings but I've been trying to live my life the best that I can. Honestly though, the awful mood swings part is just limited to my relationship with L. I'm so frustrated! :/ Things can be so logically right, but it can never be emotionally helpful.

There has been a series of events in school that has sparked a sort of epiphany on me. I feel like I have grown to have more perspective and to learn to consider people's feelings first before I act. I am turning into a very positive version of me trying to live the best of my life. It seems so weird that I can turn so positive out of no where. Out of good rest, perhaps. Some times I like this new me, but people think I have changed into some sort of an act of a 'good student'?

Some times I feel like the people around me are immature, but is that because we're really just teenagers and we should be acting like that? We are only 17, after all. Perhaps I am the one who has left the circle.

On a side note, today I attended a graphic design workshop at PJCAD. It was very interesting, I'm growing quite fond of design :)

These are some sketchings that I made, and the lecturer turned them into badges for me.

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