Tuesday, March 27, 2012

arabian nights

Firstly, I have been in love with this mix on 8tracks, if you like Middle Eastern culture, you should give it a try too :)

That said, I am glad my first exam this year is finally over! I have been studying on and off for about two weeks now, it's been awfully tiring, even though I feel as if I haven't done my best. I always get the feeling that I didn't do my best, it's frustrating!

Our final paper was computer (IT?) and we left school at 9am, oh what joy! I went home with Nelson to take a shower then my mum sent us to Sunway Pyramid. I promised myself I would leave Sunway with a pair of heels but unfortunately I didn't! I do know the model I want, I just need to find the stock in another branch, oh well. Nelson and I went for coffee at a Cafe Barbera which was doing a promotion, we were happy children sipping on caffeine at half the price. We did a lot of catching up because we haven't seen much of each other in school for all week, especially when he attended his sister's wedding the holiday week right before the exams, so that makes it two weeks! We always have so much to talk about, he feels like a good sister.

After that we had a wonderful brunch at Sushi Zanmai (the teenager's hotspot!). We raised a few eyes, maybe we looked like a great couple, haha. It was so nice hanging out with a boy that you could share food and laugh with. We also had a nice matcha ice-cream cone to kick-start our shoe-hunting journey. My journey, rather.

He was very patient going through every shop with me, and even though I left without buying anything he didn't push me, even gave me comments! Gosh, what a great shopping partner :)

After that we went to Tarbush for a smoke and it was very relaxing, that was when I actually felt that I have found a friend I share a common bond with. We are so alike that it makes everything so much more comfortable.

We talked about a lot of things today. Especially because I learned a lot from him, I'm a happy child!

Also, we ended the day with another cup of coffee. HAHA.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

drunk on love

but dear love
you take me away from sleep
I do nothing but weep between sheets
thinking of you, me, and us
of days we share
perfectly broken

me and you
are torn like
these sheets between me
I am far from sleep
you are what's hurting me
I only wish we could go back

love, please let go
or will you let me?
the biggest mistake we have ever made
this broken thread that kept us together

that used to be so strong


I am left
with strands of these cuts
sewn unto me
there you have left me

I am a soldier of love
but who is there to fight for

if you have walked away?

why am I the only one who has to mourn over this relationship?

I need you so much, don't you see? I only wish we had one more chance, to fight for, to cry for, to forgive.

you are what's left of me in my tears.

if for once
I had wished for anything but hope
it is now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


but we've reached the end of everything
the start that seemed so much like the start of forever
is torn into pieces

I was bad, you were worst
but together we were the best of everything
people saw so much in us
we were so perfect together
yet turned so ugly

I wonder then
why has love died?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

cluttered desk, cluttered mind

I've been having awful mood swings but I've been trying to live my life the best that I can. Honestly though, the awful mood swings part is just limited to my relationship with L. I'm so frustrated! :/ Things can be so logically right, but it can never be emotionally helpful.

There has been a series of events in school that has sparked a sort of epiphany on me. I feel like I have grown to have more perspective and to learn to consider people's feelings first before I act. I am turning into a very positive version of me trying to live the best of my life. It seems so weird that I can turn so positive out of no where. Out of good rest, perhaps. Some times I like this new me, but people think I have changed into some sort of an act of a 'good student'?

Some times I feel like the people around me are immature, but is that because we're really just teenagers and we should be acting like that? We are only 17, after all. Perhaps I am the one who has left the circle.

On a side note, today I attended a graphic design workshop at PJCAD. It was very interesting, I'm growing quite fond of design :)

These are some sketchings that I made, and the lecturer turned them into badges for me.