Friday, February 24, 2012


Fallen sick officially! Left school early and slept through the afternoon, now I'm feeling better, though I'm not sure if I can still sleep tonight. I'm not much of a sleeping person, but recently I've realised the importance of sleep. I used to believe in sleep being the cousin of death but truth is, I might as well be dead if I don't sleep enough. Sleep deprivation makes me bitchy, and my complexion goes bad. I've been in such a wonderful mood all week because of sleep. I'm not even throwing tantrums at my boyfriend anymore, haha!

I hope everyone's had a great week, happy weekend ahead :)

Recent purchases:
silver stamp pad. silver sharpie. tub of pink glitter. to-fu oyako notebook.

$$$ hokkaido ichiba, chatime. (these are the death of me)


  1. Those lights are so pretty, hel! :) Glad you're doing good!