Wednesday, October 19, 2011

desk days
I am going to take a picture of my desk everyday for the next month or so. It seems like an interesting project, sort of. Kind of like how people take a picture of their faces every day for a whole year. It is a good project of course, I wish I had taken more pictures in these past few years. I bet I have changed a lot.

Looking back at old photos, I wished I was someone in the past. There are so many stories that I have forgotten in these pictures, how I wish I remember what I used to be like. If only I can conjure these fractures of who I was, and relight them into my here and now. I used to be someone I actually liked.

Now I'm nothing. My face shows me nothing but a shadow of a past that I have forgotten. I am caged in what I am not familiar of, and it is washing away the essence of the very original me that seems to have walked away.

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