Friday, July 1, 2011

Blinded by stars

I've had a very fruitful week! I have went to Mid Valley five times over the span of these two weeks, and have spent way too much for food and clothing. I am indeed enjoying myself a tad too much. I'll have to cut down on my going out, I'm in dire need to prepare some money. I want to go clubbing, it'll definitely be a new experience for me.

These days I feel nothing for my gluttony sin. I just eat, and purge. And it continues sans guilt. I feel so numb about it. It's like a daily routine, but then I feel awful for awhile because I don't want bad teeth and chipmunk cheeks. And I don't want tonsillitis. Even though half my heart likes the thought of being hospitalized again, sleeping in bed and not giving a care.

Some days I really need to appreciate more.

Next week's goals: Go for math tuition more, spend less, cut down on going out after school, exercise.