Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For the girl who said she was going to take care of herself

Well, I suppose it was a stepping stone. I've been discharged from the hospital (I had tonsillitis). I am both glad and upset. I'm glad because the experience made me realize a lot of things and upset because I just wished I had another night there to clear myself up. But I have exams and I really need to jack back into real life and start cramming. Oh how I wish I could have rested more.

Right now I feel healthier, though I am quite sure I would pollute my body again without the control and restrictions of the hospital (with my diet). I will try my best, I suppose.

Greetings to all.


  1. just right after you'd reflected on yourself you have your first challenge lol! good luck with your exams, and keep doing better as a person!

  2. By the way your new theme makes me want to change mine into somethng white!! i hate you HAHA

  3. @Ken Haha thank you Ken, I'd love to see a new design from you as well :) The way you said keep doing better as a person makes me feel like I used to be an asshole HAHA

  4. no! im sure you i know i didnt mean it to be like that but nonetheless what i meant was everybody makes mistakes and so we keep doing better haha