Friday, December 31, 2010


The fears of being left out. For my new found friends have left me for another class.
The realization that I should appreciate the people around me more, and found myself being able to be friendly to other people, too.
The deep madness within me, on my hot pursuit to thin skin and bones.
The hurt that is now a fainting scar, over a friend that will never come back.
The joys of puppy love.
Started on Sports Day. A boy that had McDonald pancakes with me, who walked me to 7-11 for canned coffee. A boy that I will remember forever. Thank you, I loved you.
Pulau Ketam trip.
Sports Day 2010.

Y's house, birthday party.

As love grows deeper, you realize it will hurt more and more.
Charity marathon.
Mid Valley outing with MT.

The pains of crying on your birthday, because of the loved one you miss. Detachment is painful.
July is nothing but a faded memory of purging, bingeing, crying, and my fear for my body.
And so it continues.
The lust over a boy who will never talk to me unless talked to. A silly love game between me and myself, was I too innocent to believe? The sudden closeness because of exams. And in the end you were only using me.
The joys and pains of exams. Final exams come and go.
Sunway Lagoon trip after final exams (JUEC).

The joys of sports and slacking in class. Simply the best times of schooling.

she is my new found confidante.

There are no words for this beautiful month. Where I found A. And also 7As for PMR.


In this year, I have learned that to love is a wonderful thing. But to be loved is a much more powerful feeling. And that friends can be earned through time. That people can trust me. But I can not. And that if you study hard enough, you do get results. And the importance of loving yourself for who you are, and to appreciate your body, it is vital. And I have learned that you can really do anything, as long as you have the belief in yourself.

Thank you to the people of 2010, for I have grown up a little more and changed, for the good and for the bad.

Goodbye, 2010!

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