Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can't I?

'come here' he says, and so she does, climbing up to bed with him as he welcomes her in his soft embrace. they held each other like old lovers but they are nothing but mere strangers. he plays with her hair and plants soft kisses on her shoulder, up to her neck, then her hair. she laughs softly, a mellifluous tone that chimes the ears of her new found lover. 'what is that for?' she asks, and turns around to face him. 'can't I kiss you?' he looks at her intently. she could tell he is a little annoyed now, but she wraps the insurance around her skin like honey as she recollects the question. can't he kiss her? this is his ownership, she is his. she smiles and says nothing, then places her small lips gently over his.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

it is not me

and like the speed of meteor showers, I feel the infinite relapse as you come rushing into my veins. as if i have never tried, in this endless effort of mine I try to vindicate what was ours. it is neither in dreams or reality that I am safe, because you are a huntress that comes for me where. ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

but where are you

tell me where you are, for I sought the darkest of nights, swimming through memories I wish never kept, never happened. I wish this wasn't happening. That you are but a blunt memory, recurrently sharpened as a memory, a memory and a nightmare I no longer wish to know. I don't want to be your memory, I am not a memory.

for you are always in my dreams, as if you will haunt me forever. but I know this, I know you do not wish to haunt me, it is me that haunts myself. for you no longer wish to keep me, yet I refuse.

let go, my faint heart. I wish.