Sunday, July 15, 2012

just us newbie sk8ers

Went to Wheel Love, Subang Jaya with Tatiana to get her penny board on Saturday. Also skated around Desa Villa and had a lot of fun with my friends! The journey to Subang Jaya was so very unforgettable, I swear I will never again take a bus route to somewhere so far away! To The Dude Up There, thank you for taking care of both Tatiana and me, I'm very grateful for being home safe.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pigs In A Blanket

These are my feet!
 Yes, I'm such a BIG fan, this weekend we had lunch at S.Wine, Publika.

Adorable, no? My bacon is more adorable, though.

Decor around the smoker's section.

My dad acting like a lousai?

Ham & cheese sandwich.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

So here is my seventeen year old face? Maybe I'll do a blog post about being a sixteen year old soon. Can't believe sweet sixteen is over in less than 24 hours!

Also, I have ceased the domain name, but this blog will still run on Blogspot. I'll buy a domain soon if I find out what to name it. PARTINITE? Give me your ideas. x

Sunday, June 10, 2012

my nikon 3200

So my dad bought me a DSLR. I know, that sounded so bratty. Anyway here's it:

Nikon D3200.
It is absolutely gorgeous, but I am afraid I have not found the time to experiment with photo-taking yet. But I sure will!

Anyway, we went to visit Paradigm Mall today. It's a new mall in Kelana Jaya, not that I'm very impressed with the place. We had brunch at Plan B and here you go, pictures of the food we had:

My smoked salmon sandwich.

Dad's Plan B Breakfast Platter.

And oh hey, school is starting tomorrow. Oh what joy! Hope everyone has had a lovely summer break :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Check me out!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summer '12

So summer break just started! Unfortunately the mid-terms are greeting me after exams, so I'm not supposed to be having fun. That being said, I have had tons of fun so far. Well!

I went for Markets @ Jaya One on Saturday, had a beer with my aunt and grandmother. How badass is that? Actually she had one sip of Guinness. And she won't stop nagging to my aunt about how angry my dad would be if he found out. Apparently, we're still keeping quiet about it! After that we had Japanese for dinner at a place called Hanazen. It supposedly served really nice grilled fish, but ours turned out to smell pretty bad. You know, that raw fish smell. I had sashimi and teriyaki chicken, wasn't that bad, but the meal was pretty expensive! :/ Here's a pic of a notebook I bought at one of the stalls. I passed the stall thrice before I decided the purchase! RM30 for a small notepad, hmm the alcohol must have altered my generosity.

On Saturday night Janelle tweeted about needing a place to crash so I offered her my pad. We met up on Sunday morning after my morning jog and the moment we met we just hugged really tight. I haven't seen the girl in six months! And the last time I saw her, we were hanging out because my ex introduced her to me. Well, here's a picture of us:

We stayed at home all Sunday and she got pretty sick of it! In the end we snuck out at 9pm and went to the mamak near my house. Janelle complained about how there weren't any hot guys for her to lay her eyes on, but I thought the Iranian guy who served our shisha was pretty cute. I tried to say thank you to him in Arabian but he turned out to be Iranian! Well, that was embarrassing. Nonetheless, he taught me how to say it in Iranian. It's something like 'suh-pa-ohs'.

Here's our bong. Janelle chose strawberry and vanilla flavour, which I thought was pretty gay. Actually, super gay. But it turned out alright! It smelled like the lollipops we used to have as kids. Reminiscence turned not so innocent?

We met up with an online friend of mine and the three of us had fun sharing stupid stories and said goodnight around 2am. We went back to my condo and decided to skinny dip in the pool. Turns out a couple planned a rendezvous and we were caught stark naked in our silhouettes. So we pulled on our shirts again and walked back home.

The next morning we got up and went to Mid Valley. Walked all morning and almost died from all that walking! I was actually having a cramp from wearing heels and jogging the day before. Well. We went to Topshop and met our local sensation Joseph Germani. Not that I'm a big fan of his but I took his autograph for my best friend. This is Janelle and Joseph:

Met up with my classmates around lunch because they were nearby. Gosh I missed them all! I know we only stopped seeing each other for four days, but we've already been excited to exchange stories already. Nelson, Yumi and I had Hokkaido ice-cream and fruit sorbet at Hokkaido Ichiba, they tasted heavenly as always!

Yes I know, we look so alike!

Sinful? Yes.
After that I got my belly pierced at Dragonfly. It's actually a birthday gift from Yumi, my boula. I love her, yes! The most special gift I have ever received, I reckon. Thank you Yumi Khor!

No photos of my belly!! :P
And today I went on a date and watched Men In Black 3. It was really good.

Good day to you!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today was a pretty historical day for Malaysia. I wish I could say I was one of the proud Malaysians to have attended the protest, but I have been following status updates on Twitter and Facebook tightly, hoping to gain an insight on the commotion caused in Kuala Lumpur. Ever since the talk about Bersih 3.0 started a week ago, it made me realise the importance of the movement and the voice of our nation. I as a student also directly pinpointed due to the call for a better public institution for the country. If anything, I wish that the protest has served us all effect in demanding a clean and fair election in the future. I can only say I will be glad to have witnessed one of the biggest changes in my own country during my lifetime.

How proud was I to be a Malaysian when they sang Negaraku and chanted Hidup Rakyat on the streets! And all the Malaysian protestants across the 80 venus in 32 countries!

The commotion in Kuala Lumpur today pained me, but what pained me most was the indifference of the people around me. People tweeting as life went on for them, the majority of them nonetheless unobserving towards the historic event that was happening to our own country. I wish I could understand why this sudden rush of patriotism is affecting me so much. Is it me, or them? Nelson put an insight to that where we witnessed people being mediocre when our national anthem played.

What has happened to the people around me? Do they not care whether our country deserve fair elections and affordable tertiary education? Perhaps my statements are half-baked, but I sincerely hope that my friends and family will pay more attention towards the going ons for our own sake whether or not they are interested in political affairs!